About Us

It started out innocently enough: we heard someone mention how boring the beverage choices are for people who choose not to drink in social situations. We also heard about the stigma and the questions non-drinkers are asked if they’re seen walking around with a water bottle or soda can at a party: Why aren’t you drinking? Don’t you want to have fun? Is something wrong?

That got us thinking: why not create a drink alternative that’s tasty and sophisticated and that’s not unlike its alcoholic counterparts in its look and feel? And that’s exactly what we set out to do.

Of course, like anything else, we learned a lot along the way: did you know that practically half the US is made up of non-drinkers, and even those who do drink will abstain from time to time? The reasons are many: pregnancy, recovery, medications, religion, just because…the list is seemingly endless.

It became clear to us that we were on the right track. But as we developed these drinks and got feedback from our many taste testers, we started hearing something else: because Mocktails are sogood and so convenient (all of them are ready to drink!), they’re not only perfect for social times, but also any time. Drink your Mocktails at home or at work, during lunch or at dinner, on a weekday or a weekend. Dress them up or dress them down. Pair them with your favorite meal and savor every tasty sip. Finally, the choice you’ve been looking for is here.

We’re thrilled to share our Mocktail creations with you. Thanks for stopping by, and happy drinking!

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